Triago launches Triago-X

Private equity adviser Triago has launched Triago-X, a dedicated group for secondary transactions of private equity fund interests.

As a natural extension of its fund raising activities, Triago has advised a number of institutions and private groups on secondary transactions covering the entire spectrum from single fund positions to large diversified portfolios. Triago views secondary transactions not only as a transfer of ownership, but as an opportunity to introduce general partners to new relationships and to strengthen their investor base.

As the asset class grows and matures, the number of secondary transactions is naturally on the increase. Contrary to the common perception that the market is left to distressed sellers, many investors have started to actively manage their portfolios in order to optimize risk/return, diversification and liquidity profiles. In addition, more investors in private equity are realising the merits of buying into funds on the secondary market.

Triago-X represents potential sellers and provides them a discreet access to a global network of qualified buyers. The group also intends to develop its online tool,, for the benefit of its members to help bring potential buyers and sellers together.