Value Add

As I sat outside in the home office hot-tub last night, I got to thinking about a bunch of improvements Id like to make to both the PE Week Wire and (which I really view as sister products, at this point). Everything from expanded personalization options to worthy widgets to partnerships with other content providers. Then I began getting loopy on bromine fumes, which seemed like a good time to return inside for an evening of additional lethargy.

I tell you this not for the mental image (goodness no), but rather becauseIm devoting the rest of today to brainstorming new ideas and would like your help.

What types of information, functionality, etc. would make the Wire and peHUB more worthwhile to you? Maybe its something extensive that would ultimately require a fee or perhaps its something simple that would take me just an extra minute per day. Maybe its a current feature that you find to be a waste of reading time. Id like to hear it all, since your opinions are the only ones that ultimately matter.

Just put your comments below…