Venture Capital – East meets West in Quester/ NIF Ventures link

Quester, the UK-based venture capital firm that operates both institutional and venture capital trusts, and NIF Ventures, a Japanese venture capital firm founded in 1982 and associated with Daiwa Securities, have signed a co-investment agreement. The agreement is for Quester to introduce European investment opportunities to NIF Ventures and for NIF Ventures to assist Quester portfolio companies in developing their expansion plans in Japan and the Pacific Rim. NIF Ventures is also linked with a Taiwanese venture capital firm called Hotung Venture Capital.

Quester and NIF Ventures have significant overlap in their investment focus. Quester’s focus is IT, software, telecoms, new media, leisure, healthcare and life sciences, and NIF Ventures’ on communications, e-commerce, electronics, security and software.

The Quester/ NIF Ventures relationship dates back a decade to when NIF Ventures first invested in one of Quester’s institutional venture capital funds.