Wang Leaves DB F-O-F Group For Asian Boutique

Pying-Huan Wang has left Deutsche Bank, where she served for the past four years as the head of investment management for the private equity group, which runs a fund of funds with more than $3 billion of assets.

In her next gig, which starts in 2011, Wang will head the new Hong Kong office of a boutique asset management firm headquartered in Singapore that has infrastructure, energy and hedge fund activities. She declined to identify the firm she is joining.

Wang departed Deutsche Bank because of the management vacuum left by Marco Bizzozero, then head of the private equity group, after he was appointed head of Deutsche Bank Switzerland.

In 2004, Wang was hired to build the investment processes for the private equity group and broaden the firm’s relationships with general partners outside the U.S., mainly in Asia and Europe. As the investment management head, Wang ran the sourcing, review, due diligence and selection of the private equity funds Deutsche Bank included in its private wealth management private equity program. She was also responsible for reviewing the co-investment deals offered by GPs. And, as a member of the management committee, she participated in all strategic and product-related decisions.

Wang is currently on “garden leave,” until the end of the year, meaning she is still on the payroll but does not come into the office and is not allowed to work for another company until next year.