WebEx Series C Nets $25M of VC

Oracle Venture Fund participated as a strategic investor in a third round financing for WebEx that brought more than $25 million to the San Jose, Calif.-based company.

Other investors in the round included venture capital investors New Enterprise Associates, Walden Group and Summit Partners, said Praful Shah, vice president of business development at WebEx.

WebEx is a provider of Internet infrastructure for interactive meetings. Shah said the company’s service allows users to orchestrate two browsers over the WebEx infrastructure in order to add data as well as voice to the meeting. In addition, he said the meeting planner can enter the phone numbers that need to be called in order to put the entire conference on the system.

“Oracle had specific interest in WebEx,” Shah said. “They will use our technology for their internal business to talk to prospects, partners and for support.”

He added that the company has enough capital to finance operations for the next five to six months, and he said the company would evaluate public or private financing options at that time.