What’s In A Name?

The name Falfurrias Capital Partners doesn’t so much capture what Founding Partners Hugh McColl and Marc Oken aim to be as much as it captures where they aim to be.

Falfurrias, Texas is a town with a population of about 5,000. The town, which has a shrine dedicated to Don Pedrito, a Mexican faith healer, and is home to the Falfurrias Creamery, also houses the Brooks County Airport, which provides access to one of Oken’s and McColl’s favorite hunting spots, The Kenedy Ranch. The two partners have hunted there for about 15 years.

“It reminds us of a place where we would often rather be,” said Oken.

The name Falfurrias is also Spanish for “land of the heart’s delight” and is a name of a flower that grows in the region. There is also another, less popular, theory that Falfurrias is a corruption of the Spanish word for “filfarrias,” which is Mexican slang for a dirty or unkempt person.

Oken is the retired CFO of Bank of America, while McColl is the retired CEO of the bank. The Charlotte, N.C.-based Falfurrias is in the midst of raising its first fund, an $85 million targeted vehicle. The firm, according to its Website, will be targeting investments in the Southern United States.