What’s In A Name: Advent International

When Peter Brooke left Boston brokerage Tucker Anthony in 1967 to form buyout and venture firm TA Associates, he brought with him his dislike for the mundane. He didn’t want to settle for simply naming TA Associates’s line of venture funds after the firm. Looking for something a bit more innovative, Brooke began experimenting with slight variations to the TA name brand. At one point he dropped the ‘T’ and tried combining the ‘A’ with the word “venture.” And after a bit of finagling (and the introduction of the letter ‘d’) he came up with a somewhat abbreviated form of the combination—Advent. And thus, TA Associates has been steward to a whole series of investment vehicles bearing the Advent name, the most recent of which is tagged with the Roman numeral VII.

In 1984, when Brooke left TA Associates to create a firm with a more global focus, he took with him all of TA Associates’s internationally-focused Advent funds, giving rise to the name of his new firm, Advent International, according to David Mussafer, a Boston-based managing director at the firm. Today, Advent International has 14 offices and eight affiliates in 24 countries. Its buyout operations cover business and financial services; retail and consumer; technology, media and telecom; health care and life sciences; and industrial.