YY Software

Business: Develops natural language software that aids companies in reading their customer relationship management (CRM) goals by reading, replying to and routing e-mail messages.

Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.

Founded: January 2000

VC raised to date: $12.4 million

Capital raised one year ago: $11 million

Investors: Al Shugart International, Angels Forum Management Co., P3 Technology Partners, RWI Group LP, Sierra Ventures and Telos Venture Partners

Plans one year ago: The company’s last round of financing was expected to accelerate both its product development and marketing efforts for its software offering.

Status: YY Software reopened last year’s Series tktk round again, raising an additional $4 million. Since then, YY has filled out its management team and hired an experienced chief executive. The company intends to begin raising its next venture capital round in December.