Emerging Manager Report 2022

Buyouts Emerging Manager Survey 2022: Seven takeaways

In a fundraising environment that is tougher than ever, here are the key findings that every emerging manager should know from the Buyouts Emerging Manager Survey conducted in partnership with Gen II Fund Services, LLC.


Emerging manager fundraising is tough at the best of times. Add in the legacy of a global pandemic, coupled with pervasive economic and geopolitical uncertainty, and the prospect of launching a new firm becomes more daunting than ever. But it’s far from a lost cause.

Our sixth annual Buyouts Emerging Manager Survey, conducted in partnership with Gen II Fund Services LLC, suggests that those young firms that display the essential ingredients of track record, team composition and a differentiated strategy will continue to attract attention, however, because savvy investors recognize that turbulent markets drive emerging manager outperformance. Unencumbered by legacy portfolios and hungry for success, this could be the time for emerging managers to shine.



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