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In the magazine: How the M&A, fundraising and LP worlds are coping with the covid crisis; An 11-page special on investing in technology; Plus much more.
Nik Shah
A successful launch is tough even outside a pandemic, but a clean slate has its perks, says Cohere Capital co-founder and managing partner Nik Shah.
To do list stopwatch
New managers with senior GPs and strategies spun out of brand-name firms may have an edge even in a pandemic-battered market.
Lauren Mullholland
MiddleGround Capital co-founding partner Lauren Mulholland discusses factors that are drawing investors to new managers.
Argand Partners co-founder and partner Heather Faust discusses how diversity creates value, how to communicate a new firm's track record and more.
Over 100 fund managers and more than 60 institutional investors contributed to the Buyouts Emerging Manager Survey 2020 produced with Gen II Fund Services.
Unencumbered by legacy portfolios and with hunger and zeal, new GPs could be just what investors need amid a global pandemic.
Covid-19 is changing the private equity landscape beyond recognition. Here are the key findings every emerging manager should know, according to the Buyouts Emerging Manager Survey conducted in partnership with Gen II Fund Services, LLC.
The pandemic presents significant fundraising challenges for emerging managers; service providers with a strong history of working with those managers will be best positioned to help them navigate the crisis, explains Jeff Gendel, principal at Gen II Fund Services.
Some experienced investment professionals are seeing their funds take a hit from the pandemic and are considering moving to new pastures. This is one trend identified by Will Invine of Stem7 in a discussion of key issues in alternative assets recruitment.

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