PODCAST: How PE is navigating interest rate rises globally

In this fourth episode of our miniseries Private Markets and the End of Cheap Money, we look at how private equity firms are dealing with currency risk and how deals are being affected by interest rates rising at different paces in various global regions.

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While central banks in most parts of the world have raised interest rates consistently over the past 12 months, rates are not moving in lockstep in every single global market.

How are firms with a global perspective thinking about both sourcing and deploying funds in this kind of imbalanced environment? In our fourth episode of Private Markets and the End of Cheap Money, PEI Group editors Adam Le, Graham Bippart and Alex Lynn, based in London, New York and Hong Kong, respectively, discuss how currency fluctuations are creating opportunities for some investors; how currency hedging products are on the rise; how private capital capital has been moving away from China to regions such as Southeast Asia; and how private credit funds are stepping in to fill the role of banks more in some global regions than others.

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