This week in Buyouts Magazine…

This issue of Buyouts breaks loads of news on tech buyout funds and includes an in-depth look at an issue thats popping up in the news more and more: The buyout industrys interest in renewable energy, and more specifically ethanol.

Buyouts editor David Toll was able to uncover the doings of a number tech funds ready to return to LPs over the next 12 months to boost their commitments and tackle more tech deals. The list reads as a whos who of tech buyouts and also includes some newcomers.

Meanwhile, Ari Nathanson, in typical fashion, goes narrow and deep on a feature about ethanol, snooping around the reasons why private equity firms perhaps ought to steer clear. The story also mentions those whose returns might get burnt in an industry that has been leaking value of late.

Other news in this week’s issue includes KPS Special Situations Fund knocking out four exits in five days, Apaxs CEO quitting and Littlejohn joining a list of other funds that have returned to LPs to bump up the size of their current funds, in their case tacking on another $200 million.

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