2M Invest and Growth.dk get together

2M Invest and Growth.dk are combining their skills in the Danish market to take advantage of both early and later stage opportunities in the private equity. The two firms have entered into a strategic alliance to develop new companies from early seed stage to later stage and IPO. The two companies are also discussing the possibilities for direct investments in each other’s portfolio companies.

Growth.dk focuses on early seed investments and 2M Invest, with an extensive international sales and contact network, has experience in the stages that follow. The plan is for 2M Invest to take over commitments in the more promising portfolio companies when Growth.dk has brought these companies to a certain stage of their development.

In this way, Growth.dk gains access to the later stages of the venture market with a view to more effective exits and an international network and 2M Invest acquires a structured investment and development approach within the seed to early stage.

2M Invest recently received a capital increase amounting to DKK33 million through a new share issue, which has just been closed.Lars Kolind, chairman of Growth.dk, participated in the capital increase with DKK10 million.

2M Invest plans to acquire a significant holding in Growth.dk in the first half of 2001. Lars Kolind will be recommended for election to the board of directors of 2M Invest, while Michael Mathiesen will join the board of directors of Growth.dk.