5 questions with Jason Krikorian

Last month, DCM raised $400 million for its sixth venture fund and added Jason Krikorian, 39, a new general partner to the mix. The firm also raised a RMB 200 million ($30 million) side-fund for its China focus.

Most people know Krikorian through Sling Media, the video technology company he co-founded with his younger brother Blake. The company, which raised about $57 million from DCM, Mobius Venture Capital and other investment firms, was purchased by EchoStar for $380 million in 2007. Krikorian stayed involved until January 2009 when he left to spend time with family, following the birth of his third child. His children are now ages 6 and 4 years, and 18 months.

He joins DCM as the firm looks to continue to invest in cleantech, digital media, and in the Internet (such as content, ecommerce, mobile and cloud computing companies) across the United States, China and Japan.

Last week, Krikorian talked with PE Week Managing Editor Alastair Goldfisher about his new gig.

Q: What was the process like for you to join DCM as a GP?


It was actually a long get-to-know each other process, which is how DCM works. I’ve known the DCM team for about five years now. It’s a courtship process, the way the firm brings people on board. The firm likes to know that the chemistry is right. And it’s not just with me. DCM has built its China office the same way the last several years. DCM is deliberate and I like that.

Q: What will be your focus area at DCM?

A: I have a lot of interests. I imagine I will take a look at a lot of digital media deals, especially in the consumer space.

I will focus primarily on the U.S., but, like other general partners at DCM, I will help our portfolio companies reach the overseas markets, such as in China.

Q: Was it an important consideration for you that DCM invests internationally?


I’m a big fan of the global strategy that DCM preaches. At Sling Media, for example, months after we launched, we wanted to go to Japan, but we were only able to do that because of DCM’s outreach and contacts there. As an entrepreneur, I saw firsthand DCM’s global strategy at work.

Q: What attributes do you bring to the firm?


: I love consumer-oriented technology. But if I bring anything, it’s the experience of being an entrepreneur and of having executed ideas. To do those things, I’ve learned you need to have a focus across an entire organization and to communicate that consistently.

Q: Was that hard a hard lesson to learn when at Sling Media?


Sling Media was a difficult idea to execute, because it involved an easy-to-use software on multiple platforms. Definitely, a lot of entrepreneurs will think it’s just good enough to have a great idea, but hopefully I can help them learn that it’s the execution of the idea that matters.