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The pandemic presents significant fundraising challenges for emerging managers; service providers with a strong history of working with those managers will be best positioned to help them navigate the crisis, explains Jeff Gendel, principal at Gen II Fund Services.
After a few weeks of adjusting, many firms did a quick “pivot to productivity,” looking for new ways to operate in the virtual world and making big investments in digital.
Vista Equity, Robert Smith
It's natural to feel helpless in light of the events we're seeing in the news. Each of us has to choose to overcome.
Even with traditional secondaries at a standstill, preferred equity could prosper in the pandemic, write Evercore’s Nigel Dawn and Dale Addeo
GPs and LPs both need to be realistic and flexible to reconstruct alignment in the most challenging situations, write Joncarlo Mark, Jim Moody, Vik Salh and Jesse Rodriguez of California-based boutique investment advisor Upwelling Capital Group.
Changing markets present opportunities for those with the experience and resources to find creative solutions, write Landmark Partners’ Barry Miller, Geoffrey Mullen and Avi Turetsky
It’s dangerous to stereotype. But after conducting due diligence on hundreds of technology companies, one trend we’ve repeatedly seen is the stark quality difference between MBA-led tech startups and those led by a CTO. Let’s take a look at the tech differences between the two, and the diligence risks of each: MBA-Led Tech Startups The typical […]
This is the time when firms with operational experience must flex their muscles and dig in deep to help their portfolio companies manage through this unprecedented health crisis.
The PE model appeared to provide additional flexibility and access to capital even during times of broad market distress, an outcome that can reasonably be expected to play out once again.
Automation can minimize mistakes and optimize carry, while still leaving GPs in control of this vital calculation, say Riyaz Gadiwalla, Rebecca Symonds and Scott Pearson of EWM Global.

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