Responsible Investment 2020 Special Report

To be published in September 2020

Spurred by pressure from investors, ESG strategies are an increasingly vital part of a GP’s value creation toolkit. As a more sustainable approach becomes a core consideration, our Responsible Investment Special 2020 looks at why a well-developed ESG program has risen to must-have status for the private equity industry.

Topics are likely to include the following:

  • Impact investing: What does COVID-19 mean for the sector?
  • Innovations in ESG: Case studies of the most effective strategies
  • Climate change: How investors are turning up the heat on GPs
  • Diversity: Why it is still slow progress for women and minorities in private equity
  • Crisis management: How COVID-19 has shed light on the need for plans to deal with the unexpected
  • Supply chain risks in responsible investing
  • ESG challenges in healthcare
  • Emerging managers: Should investors be giving them a pass on ESG?
  • Blended finance: The new model for impact investors
  • LP view: What’s their key ESG focus?
  • Social: Which factors influence investment returns?
  • SDGs: Which matter most to US investors?
  • The US mid-market: How ESG is moving up the agenda

For more information, please contact:

Alistair Robinson
Head of Marketing Solutions
P: +44 20 7566 5454