Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Biolex Inc. Pittsboro, N.C. Researches protein production in transgenic plants. The company has raised about $45M since 1998, including a $25M infusion in late 2003 at a PMV of $30M. Biotech E $6.6 Kitty Hawk Capital, Tall Oaks Capital Partners, Village Ventures, Wakefield Group.
Cambrios Technologies Corp. Mountain View, Calif. Conducts R&D of bio-directed materials for the electronics industry. The deal represents a first close on a guaranteed $12M Series B. Biotech B $9.0 In-Q-Tel, Harris & Harris Group, Headland Ventures, Alloy Ventures, Arch Venture Partners, Avalon Ventures, Lux Capital, Oxford Bioscience Partners.
Cumbre Inc. Dallas Develops drugs to treat fungal infections. The company has raised about $37M. Biotech C $11.0 Amgen Inc., Vulcan Capital.
GenoLogics Life Sciences Software Inc. Victoria, B.C. Develops bioinformatics for R&D. OVP is believed to be the first venture firm in the Northwest U.S. to lead a Series A software investment in Western Canada in more than five years. Biotech A $5.0 OVP Venture Partners (co-led), Yaletown Venture Partners (co-led ), Working Opportunity Fund, GrowthWorks Capital.
PediaMedPharmaceuticals Inc. Florence, Ky. Develops drugs focused on pediatrics. The company has raised more than $29M in total funding since its December 1999 inception. Biotech C $15.0 Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, Blue Chip Capital Co.
Actelis Networks Inc. Fremont, Calif. Provides broadband services over existing copper networks. DuPont, Nova and France Telecom are new investors in the company. Comm. D $23.0 DuPont Ventures, Nova Ventures, France Telecom, Vertex Ventures, Carlyle Group, New Enterprise Associates, Walden International, ATA Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners.
Ondax Inc. Monrovia, Calif. Develops holographic filters for fiber optic communication systems. Funding amount was undisclosed. The company has raised about $13M since 2000. Comm. C $0.0 Arcturus Capital (co-led), Prospector Equity Capital (co-led), CIV LLC, CalTech.
VIEO Inc. Austin, Texas Develops software for high-speed input/output networks. The company has raised about $65M since 2001, including a $10M infusion in late 2001 at a PMV of $49M. Comm. C $15.0 RRE Ventures (led), Rho Ventures, Invesco.
Paymetric Inc. Houston Develops payment card services. Financial A $7.0 Austin Ventures.
Red Bend Software Framingham, Mass. Develops technology to help users download software and images from the Internet. The company has raised $23M since its 2000 inception. Internet D $10.0 Greylock (led), Carmel Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, Poalim Ventures, Infinity.
Xaffire Inc. Superior, Colo. Provides Internet performance-management systems and traffic analysis. Internet C $3.0 Mobius Venture Capital.
Axya Medical Inc. Beverly, Mass. Makes medical devices focused on wound closure. MedTech B $5.5 The Vertical Group, CrossBow Equity Partners.
Callio Technologies Sherbrooke, Quebec Provides computer security services. Security A $1.0 MSBi Capital, Societe Innovatech du sud du Quebec.
DeviceScape Software Inc. Brisbane, Calif. Provides software for wireless device makers and service providers. Dot Edu is a previous investor in the company. Software B $12.0 Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Jafco, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital, Applied Materials Ventures.
Gamma EnterpriseTechnologies Inc. Woodland Hills, Calif. Develops business software to help companies manage their SAP systems. Software A $6.2 Palomar Ventures, ArrowPath Venture Capital.
Invistics Corp. Norcross, Ga. Provides manufacturing performance management software. Software B $5.0 H.I.G. Ventures, Intersouth Partners, Imlay Investments.
Sychron Inc. San Mateo, Calif. Provides software for enterprise data centers. Dot Edu is a previous investor in the company. Software C $5.0 Sigma Partners.
Talisma Corp. Bellevue, Wash. Provides customer lifecycle management software. Software A $7.0 Oak Investment Partners.
Voxify Inc. Alameda, Calif. Provides voice recognition software for use in call centers. The company raised more than $5M in 2003 from Palomar and El Dorado Ventures. Software B $10.0 Sigma Partners (led), El Dorado Ventures, Palomar Ventures.
GlassHouseTechnologies Inc. Framingham, Mass. Provides storage and consulting services. Paladin led the deal through its Homeland Security Fund. The company has raised about $35M since its August 2001 inception, including a $7.1M Series C infusion in late 2003 at a PMV of about $26M. Storage D $20.0 Paladin Capital Group (led), Kodiak Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, GrandBanks Capital, Globespan Capital Partners.
Minerva Networks Inc. Santa Clara, Calif. Develops digital video editing and publishing equipment. The company has raised about $40M since 1993, including a $4M infusion in May 2003 at a PMV of more than $21M. Tech. D $2.5 Accel Partners, Cypress Ventures, ETF Group, U.S. Venture Partners.
Surgient Inc. Austin, Texas Provides on-demand applications for test and training lab automation. The company has raised about $88 million in total VC funding. Tech. B $10.0 BlueStream Ventures, Austin Ventures, MFI Austin, Sternhill Partners.
Dust Networks Inc. Berkeley, Calif. Provides low-power wireless mesh networking systems. Wireless B $22.0 Crescendo Ventures (led), Cargill Ventures, Foundation Capital, Institutional Venture Partners.
Mobiltec Inc. San Mateo, Calif. Provides mobile content delivery software. Wireless C $12.0 Canaan Partners (led), Duchossois Technology Ventures, AIG Orion, Lucent Venture Partners.
SmartLink RadioNetworks Inc. Billerica, Mass. Provides two-way radio networking capabilities. Wireless B $15.0 Key Venture Partners (led), General Catalyst Partners, Highland Capital Partners.
Veriwave Inc. Portland, Ore. Develops test equipment for wireless LAN markets. Tim Connors and Irwin Federman of USVP are both board members. Wireless B $10.0 TL Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, Woodside Fund.