Scoreboard 4-22-02

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Mantas Fairfax, VA Delivers solutions for the financial services industry 4/17/02 2 $17.5 Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
Plastic Logic, Ltd. Cambridge, ZF Develops plastic circuits for mass applications 4/17/02 3 $9.1 Amadeus Capital Partners; Dow Chemical Co.; PolyTechnos Venture Partners GmbH
Plexxikon, Inc. Berkeley, CA Operates as a biotechnology company 4/16/02 2 $27.0 A.M. Pappas & Associates; Advanced Technology Ventures; Alta Partners; CW Group, Inc.; Walden Int’l.
170 Systems, Inc. Cambridge, MA Provides Web-deployed solutions 4/16/02 1 $14.0 Polaris Venture Partners
Myrio Corporation Kirkland, WA Develops broadband technologies for telecommunications companies 4/16/02 3 $8.0 Alexander Hutton Venture Partners; NeoCarta Ventures, Inc; Ridgewood Capital Management, LLC
Astraeus Ltd Crawley, ZF Operates an airline. 4/16/02 1 $5.2 Aberdeen Murray Johnstone Private Equity
Falcon-Vision Kft Budapest, ZF Develop quality & process control solutions using machine vision technology 4/16/02 1 $2.0 Baring Private Equity Partners
Energos ASA Stavanger, ZF Provides energy recycling services 4/15/02 1 $35.2 Global Innovation Partners LLC; Norsk Hydro Venturos Ventures AS
Exemplary Software, Inc. Cupertino, CA Develops business application software 4/15/02 7 $12.0 Clearstone Venture Partners; Discovery Ventures; JT Venture Partners, LLC; Lightspeed Venture Partners; Woodside FundPartners
Megisto Systems, Inc. Germantown, MD Develops carrier-class Mobile Internet infrastructure equipment for network 4/15/02 5 $5.0 Saturn Venture Partners, LLC
NanoMuscle, Inc. Antioch, CA Designs and manufactures advanced motion technologies for consumer devices 4/15/02 4 $5.0 CrossBow Ventures; Daimler Chrysler Venture Gmbh; Garage Technology Ventures; Individuals; Silicom Ventures
Medlyte Diagnostics, Inc. San Diego, CA Provides research on heart disease 4/15/02 5 $3.5 Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.; Western States Investment Group
Hybrigenics SA Paris, ZF Develops biotechnology and bioinformatics products 4/12/02 7 $14.8 Alafi Capital Co.; Banexi Ventures Partners; IMH Industrie Management Holding GmbH; La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild; Life Sciences Partners BV Atlanta, GA Provides web-based inventory management services to health care providers 4/12/02 3 $5.0 HEALTHSOUTH Corporation; Warburg Pincus, LLC
Season Ticket Solutions Wood Dale, IL Provides season ticket management, exchange and group ticket services 4/12/02 2 $1.0 Undisclosed Venture Investors
Herbalife International, Inc. Los Angeles, CA Distributes a wide range of weight management product 4/11/02 1 $685.0 Golden Gate; Whitney & Co., LLC
Fonecta Helsinki, ZF Provides directories for mobile and fixed-line telecoms network operators 4/11/02 2 $98.4 3i Group PLC; Veronis Suhler Stevenson
Vertis Neuroscience, Inc. Seattle, WA Develops technologies for people suffering pain or neurological impairment 4/11/02 6 $37.0 AEA Investors, Inc.; Channel Medical Partners, L.P.; Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.; NMT New Medical Technologies; SEB Invest
MicroEmissive Displays Ltd Edinburgh, ZF Develops organic light emitting diode microdisplays 4/11/02 2 $9.0 3i Group PLC; Scottish Equity Partners Limited
Gyros AB Uppsala, ZF Develops a technology platform for minaturizing laboratory processes 4/11/02 3 $6.0 Schroder Ventures
Lancope Alpharetta, GA Provides network threat management solutions 4/11/02 1 $5.5 GMG Capital Partners; HIG Capital Management
Sabeus Photonics Inc. Chatsworth, CA Designs and manufactures high-concept optical devices 4/11/02 4 $5.0 Lexington Ventures
CitiPeople Group Ltd London, ZF Provides recruitment services for the financial service sector. 4/11/02 1 $4.8 3i Group PLC
RadioScape Ltd London, ZF Develops software systems for digital audio broadcasting 4/11/02 6 $2.8 Yasuda Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.; iGlobe Partners Limited
Tessera Diagnostics, Inc. Seattle, WA Develops diagnostic tests for early prostate cancer detection 4/11/02 1 $1.5 Kirlan Venture Capital, Inc.