Veteran LP Welker leaves Allianz Capital

  • Brian Welker worked at Allianz Capital since 1998
  • Not clear why he left
  • Allianz recently hired Susanne Forsingdal 

It’s not clear why Welker left the firm. He most recently listed himself as an investment director at Allianz on his LinkedIn profile. He did not respond to a request for comment via LinkedIn’s messaging service.

Stefanie Rupp-Menedetter, a spokeswoman for Allianz Capital, declined to comment.

Allianz Capital was established in 1998 as financial services company Allianz Group’s in-house investment platform, according to its website.

Allianz recently hired limited partner Susanne Forsingdal, the former head of U.S. fund investing for Danish fund-of-funds ATP Private Equity Partners. Forsingdal started at Allianz as a managing director in January.

The firm plans to expand its presence in the Americas market, especially in North America and possibly Latin America, Rupp-Menedetter said in a prior interview.

“North America is the largest and deepest private equity market globally and continues to offer significant opportunities for our fund investment business,” she said previously.

Allianz Capital focuses on fund investing and co-investments as well as investing in renewable energy and infrastructure. The firm has about 6 billion euros in fund commitments and co-investments, and 2 billion euros in infrastructure exposure.

The firm invests from Allianz Group’s balance sheet. Fund investment activities are led by global co-heads Michael Lindauer and Andress Goh.