DOWNLOAD: Who were the most active LPs in private equity in 2020?

In Buyouts' 2020 Investor Report, dig deeper into how investors are operating in the market with our full-year analysis of investor activity.

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Buyouts’ 2020 Investor Report is available for download, presenting details on how LPs are operating in the market.

Of the top 10 most active investors in private equity, the majority are agnostic when it comes to regional appetite. Texas County and District Retirement System, the most active investor headquartered in North America, committed mostly to buyout and venture capital funds in North America and Western Europe. Combined, the top 10 most active investors made 258 fund commitments to 2020-vintage funds.

On average, private equity constituted 8.7 percent of an LP’s investment portfolio in 2020. With the exception of private pensions, average allocation has increased since 2016.

Foundations and endowments dedicate an above-average proportion: 11.61 percent. Public pension funds are historically above-average allocators to the asset class, with these institutions allocating 9.9 percent of their portfolios to private real estate in 2020 on average.

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